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"Blue Seriously"

There are those moments when two disconcerted efforts become a clear jointed path
and in this particular case it was a poem, or rather the last line of a poem; "...and she was blue, seriously." Read by David Goeb in a
late night of reflection and music and a title of a band was created. There is nothing prolific about the poem and the music is about the same. With enough pretentiousness in the music scene, Blue,Seriously is just there to provide an outlet for a singer-songwriter full of battling convictions and the self-denial of an ego gone rampant. A set list is a weekend on the scene, distorted guitars on a late night of binges, companioned with the brooding acoustics from a foggy head of emotions and closed by the melody of an epiphany on a life changed as referenced in Down the Line: "...late nights and alcohol,
despite some craziness, please tell me when it’s time to quit..."

To sum it up, it's a couple of guys from the Midwest, David Goeb, Sam Goeb, and east coasty named Nick DeSiato.
They like you and they grow mustaches and their beards are easy.